BRCS-Nepal has been conducting the community development programmes in one hand where as linkage between biodiversity conservation and rural livelihood improvement in other hand. We seek to fulfill our visions and mission with the following programmatic goals and objectives:

  1. To conduct creative and participatory action research to improve the social and economic situations of the people.
  2. To conduct the various research on climate change, environment, renewable energy and species conservation.
  3. To conduct the disaster risk reduction program among the indigenous people in the affected districts
  4. Capacity building of indigenous people and local clubs through different value based trainings and workshops
  5. To conduct the emergency response (urgent support) for the flood affected people.
  6. Habitat mapping and conservation threats of endangered species of globally significant.
  7. To launch the environment conservation programmes for affecting better livelihoods for the present generation without adversely affecting livelihoods of the future generation.
  8. To promote and conserve local resources and other means with due attention to local values and norms.
  9. To conduct training programmes to upgrade skills and capacities of local groups as and when required.
  10. To help and strengthen existing NGOs, people-based organization and local organization.
  11. To promote and extend regenerative (sustainable) agriculture systems and to promote income generative activities like fruit and vegetable production.
  12. To facilitate socio-cultural, economic and political participation of the Dalit people by organizing awareness rising programmes.
  13. To facilitate socio-cultural, economic and political participation of other disadvantaged ethnic groups by conducting awareness raising activities.
  14. Rehabilitation of degraded land


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