Background of BRCS Nepal


BRCS Nepal is a national NGO, was established by a group of like-minded individuals with long years of direct experiences with Nepal’s bio-physical and socio-economic development in 2007. It focuses the research and development and creates the community development among the indigenous and marginalized people. BRCS envisions the people from its operating areas developing a better standard of living.

Creation of community awareness among the indigenous people and school students on nature conservation in the affected community (nearby national park and wildlife reserve/conservation areas) is an important aspect of BRCS Nepal.A better standard of living should also subsume elements of sustainability, hence it is not only greater economic resources for families, but it is also a more equitable and harmonious society and communities, individuals from which work together to transform society and economy. BRCS envisions helping the people to discover more remunerative and viable ways of making a living out of their land and other natural resources and skills. It envisions that marginalized members of the community like the dalits families and women become more actively involved in development endeavors. Heightened consciousness is a condition for widening horizons which, in turn, is a condition for the development of mutually advantageous linkages with other parts of Nepal and aboard. 


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